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Relaxation Massage

Escape from physical and mental stress and tension with this massage, also referred to as Swedish Massage. Each room is like a mini retreat for the senses, as you enjoy soothing music and a dimly lit atmosphere. Your therapist will use a nutrient-rich lotion infused with essential oils and tailored to your desire/need. This massage consists of a variety of soothing massage techniques, designed to relax muscles and unwind your mind, by relieving the body of unwanted strain and stress -- while releasing toxins, boosting the immune system and enhancing emotional well-being. Your body, mind and soul will be rested and calm.

Relaxation Massage

Headache Relief and/or Sinus Relief

Do you suffer from headaches or sinus pressure? Let us massage away your pain with a cold stone temple and face massage, with extra attention focused on TMJ release (to loosen tension in the muscles of the jaw and temple area). We use an essential oil blend during your neck, shoulder and back massage that is especially made for migraine and sinus release. This retreat also includes a hot towel foot treatment that helps pull toxins from the body.

Hot Stone or Bamboo Massage

There is hardly a better way to get balance back into your body than to receive a Hot Stone or Bamboo Massage Experience. Specially selected stones or bamboo are heated hours before your arrival to ensure the warmth fills the stones or bamboo core. Used during your massage, the hot stones or bamboo will melt tight, sore and stressed muscles, and bring soothing warmth to your entire body.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

Leave behind the tension and soreness. This massage is both therapeutic and healing for the body. It promotes deeper relief, for those who are suffering from chronic muscle aches, spasms, knots, strain, tension, constant stress and migraines. This deep-muscle therapy instills a sense of letting go, as the tissues are kneaded, spread, lengthened and opened into a deeper relaxation. After this Therapeutic Experience, your body will thank you, as it is left feeling renewed and relieved.

Medical Massage Experience

Sometimes you need targeted therapy, designed to help the body repair and heal. Explore this modality when you are chronically suffering from extreme pain, inflammation, numbness or limited range of motion. Begin with an assessment of your specific concerns, and then your therapist can tailor your Medical Massage Experience to work toward achieving improvement in specific regions connected with those concerns. Our therapists are trained in special techniques such as sports medicine, myofascial release, reflexology, kinesiology taping, and ultrasound for deep muscle-tension release. Many of our clients are referred by their doctor for this specialty massage, as it has proven to be most effective in managing and relieving pain. We are thrilled to accept those referrals and to have the skills needed to truly help with chronic issues like these.

Mother-To-Be Prenatal Massage

It isn’t easy to grow a little human, so we think you will agree that mommies-to-be deserve extra attention and care for their body and mind during this special time. Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, reduce swelling, and best of all, improve labor outcomes. We can help relax the mom's stressed, tired and overworked muscles -- leaving her body energized and her soul refreshed as she prepares for birth. Routine visits are recommended throughout the pregnancy for enhanced results. Must be at least 12 weeks gestation.


So much more than just a foot massage, Reflexology is an often overlooked and misunderstood Spa Experience. Your therapist will focus attention on specific reflex (pressure) points on the feet that are believed to correlate to specific organs and glands in the body. By stimulating these pressure points, this technique can be used to help promote health and wellness throughout the entire body.

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